Training Courses

We are currently assessing enquiries made during the pandemic for those wanting training courses. We are unable to consider additional training requests until our backlog is cleared but should be in a position by Spring 2023 to take on new requests. 

3 Responses to Training Courses

  1. Rasaki Shittu says:


    Would you be able to advise on when you will start training programs again.

    Do you do course for adults ?


    • terrybaker900 says:

      At the current time we are not running any training courses in 2021 and have not set dates for the 2022 season. We will change our website info as and when dates are available but have to advise everyone that we have a backlog of trainees from 2020 that need to have first option on all placements. Sorry this is not the news you were hoping for.


  2. David says:

    Hi. Would it be possible to find out some more information about your beginner courses please? I appreciate that there is a bit of a backlog at present but was wondering whether you could confirm prices etc.

    Many thanks



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