Upcoming Tournaments

Southern Counties Archery Society 10th Junior & 2nd Senior W A 1440 World Record Status 22nd July 2017 from 8:30am.

Essex County Archery Association W A 1440 23rd July 2017 from 8:30am.

Southern Counties Archery Society UK Record Status & Rose Award Junior tournament Saturday 26th August 2017 from 9am.

Runwell Open Championship Claire Stanford Memorial Shoot Juniors Saturday 27th August 2017 from 9am.

All of the above will be held at Runwell Hospital Sports and Social Club grounds in Runwell.

Fees for the tournaments vary, but GNAS rules and dress code apply.

Entry forms have been sent out to the mailing list. Please email me as Terry is away until mid July if you’ve not received one you’re interested in, or have deleted it in error (I know I’ve done this more than once!!). I’m Moomoozoo, find my full address on any of the emails sent to the whole club, or ask me on a sunday. I’m the one who knits.

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Racketts’ Portsmouth Annual Shoot

Racketts Archery held their annual Portsmouth indoor competition on the 23rd October 2016. Burntwood Archers had 6 members representing the club and the results have been circulated today.

I am pleased to announce that those club members shooting on the day had very successful shoots with medals won not only for the individual session but also overall when the final standings were calculated.

As a team Burntwood were placed fourth at the end of the competition which represents a fantastic result and many congratulations to everyone that participated.

Here are the individual results:

James Moir (Gents Recurve) Silver Medal overall, Ben Moir (Junior Boys Recurve) session Gold and overall Bronze Medal, James and Jo Moir (Married Couple Competition) Gold Medal winner on the day.

Congratulations Burntwood!

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Burntwood Archers Halloween Shoot

The club held their first Halloween Fun Shoot last weekend (30th October 2016) and what a brilliantly successful and enjoyable event it turned out to be!

With many of our regular archers, supported wonderfully by family and friends, the club took part in a variety of spooky archery related games with spider targets, balloon popping and even witches on broomsticks to shoot at which provided a source of amusement.

It was great to see so many of our members take part in this fun event and judging by the response on the day I think it is safe to say the club will be hosting many more of these themed related shoots in the future.

Pictures can be found on the club Facebook page and links to Facebook can be found on this Home page.

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It’s a family affair

Saturday 28th June 2016

Noak Hill Archers hosted their annual Western’s Tournament last Saturday and 4 of our members took part in this event flying the flag for Burntwood Archers.

The Moir family took to the shooting line in 3 different rounds; Long Western, Western and Junior Short Western.

Despite the early drizzle enthusiasms were not dampened as the family received a warm and friendly welcome from club hosts and the other archers at the event. The Archery Gods were certainly smiling down on the day as the rain lifted just as the first arrows were sent down the range.

The Moir’s were all successful on the day with every member taking home a medal. Despite snapping his arrow rest in his first 6 arrows, Ben Moir (10) battled through his round with a very creditable score and secured a bronze medal in the Junior Short National Round. For his persistence and perseverance in the face of adversity Ben also received the Lord Paramount Award on the day. Brother Sam (11) was again so near and yet so far as he followed up his last tournament silver with another silver this time around over the same distance. With only 5 points separating silver and gold Sam deserves many congratulations for another great performance.

Mum, Jo, shot in the Western Round and as the only lady competitor in this class received another gold for her collection!

James took part in the Long Western competition in his first outdoor tournament since taking up the sport. As the results were announced he was very surprised to hear he too secured a gold medal, winning the round by 59 points!

Many congratulations to all the Moir family! Keep up the good work and keep shooting straight!

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